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Note: due to the canceling of the secret show in the US, the wikia cannot be updated often

Note: due to the canceling of the secret show in the US, the wikia cannot be updated often

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  • Jully 5, 2009- This wiki is created!
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UZZ Gadgets

Most UZZ gadgets are created by Professor Professor and deemed, by Professor Professor, "Totally untested, und highly dangerous!"


The Skybike is the standard-issue flying vehicle for UZZ Agents. It is similar in appearance to a jet ski, with a single jet or rocket motor at the back and two smaller retro-boosters on the front. Skybikes are capable of vertical take off and landing, as well as being able to hover and fly backwards and have retractable tripod-style undercarriage. They also can be controlled by UZZ communicators. Most skybikes are blue, but Anita Knight's is green, and Victor Volt's is purple. Skybikes are equipped with many gadgets and equipment suitable for a large number of situations, including a Bike Cannon laser, a built in communicator, retractable glass dome for use in outer space or underwater, claw-grips and magnets for grabbing, and even an "Anti-Meteorite Force Field Deflector" to protect them against space debris. Read more: Gadgets

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